At first I thought this was going to be something like a chore, but now I realize how much I look forward to it every time!
— Abner, mentor

Will it work for me? Will I have fun? What will we do? These are a few questions many ask as they consider joining Ignite Youth Mentoring. We all have doubts, but take a look at the stories below to realize that – YES, you will have fun, learn things, and experience something amazing!


“Being a mentor is a pleasure. Ignite makes it easy by offering ideas and sometimes provides tickets or organized activities. I’m just trying to be another voice of encouragement in my mentee’s life, alongside his family and teachers. My hope is he makes good decisions, stays in school and out of trouble.”

–Rich Sexton, mentor

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“Mentoring Timmy has been a lot of fun! I have watched him grow a lot over the past year and with Ignites help we have been able to do a lot of cool things and become really close.”

–Michael Babenko, mentor

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“Mentoring is life changing! My mentee has let me enjoy seeing things through her eyes. We’ve done lots of activities such as skating, bowling, movies and museums but the most rewarding times are when we sit and visit. Sharing hamburgers and a soda opens up a lot of topics. Her enthusiasm is energizing. I hope she gets as much from our friendship as I do from her!”

–Nancy Fish, mentor

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“I’m so thankful for the opportunity I’ve had to be a mentor with Ignite over the past year and a half. My mentee brings me so much joy! She gives me a fresh perspective on life and helps remind me of the struggles that come with the transition from childhood to the teenage years. Mentoring reminds me of all the adults who gave up their free time to positively influence my life during that transition- their guidance and sincere interest in my life helped to encourage and inspire me. I hope to do the same for my mentee.”

–Krista Smith, mentor

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Their words, not ours…

I enjoy Sergio and I want to be there if he ever needs someone to talk to outside his family…Sergio and I do hit it off well. We have fun together and I really appreciate him. I am looking forward to a long relationship with him and his family…I also feel very lucky to have that family in my life.
—Rick C., mentor