Today, more than ever, kids need adults pouring into their lives. Sometimes we don’t feel equipped or skilled enough to reach to a young person and be of any help to them. The truth is that kids want you talking to them, caring for them, sharing with them, offering encouragement and wisdom, even holding them accountable as you see the potential in their lives.

men·tor /ˈmenˌtôr/ – a trusted counselor or guide


Mentoring is simply about being present in a kid’s life, offering encouragement and using your life experiences to give guidance. Let God guide your thinking and your mentee open conversation about issues they face. Ask questions and listen well in order to best understand and help him/her. Take advantage of interesting situations and teachable moments. Remember, the world around us is full of big questions and valuable answers.

Here are some tools and downloads that will help as you make an effort to mentor youth in your world. So, whether you are a mentor, parent, teacher, or caring citizen – these provide you with powerful ideas and methods to make a difference in our younger generations.