Parent Questions

How do I enroll my child?

Call the office at 948-3143, or fill out the intake form and return it by mail, fax or drop it off at our office. Download referral form.

Who are the mentors?

We recruit mentors from local area churches.

What is the time commitment for my child?

We ask that the mentee/mentor commits for at least one year

How do I know if my child is eligible?

We find mentors for most all children 8-16 years old unless there is severe behavioral or physical issues that a mentor may not be equipped to handle.

How long will it take to find my son/daughter a mentor?

Due to the high demand for male mentors, boys can have a wait of up to 6 months or longer. Girls usually get matched within a few weeks.

Can I refer other children?

Yes! If it is your child or you know someone who may want their child a part of the program, feel free to spread the word.

Will my child be safe?

Safety from the start.

Your child’s safety is extremely important to us. IYM conducts thorough screening process and National background check on every volunteer in our program, and every relationship is closely monitored and supported by a match support person.

What will my role be in this relationship?

You know what’s best for your child. So we’ll need your help from the start, providing information about your child’s strengths and needs, and ultimately approving the mentor match. But your role doesn’t end there. See Parent Guidelines.