Volunteer Opportunities

We depend on caring and willing hearts of people like you to change our world…one kid at a time. Take a look and see how you would consider helping Ignite Youth Mentoring with your talents and abilities. Call us if you would like more information. (509) 948-3143


Match Support Specialist

What makes our program so successful is our Match Support Specialist volunteers who oversee a few matches and contact them monthly to encourage and offer ideas. These adults become close friends of the mentor match and walk beside them through the challenges and joys of the relationship, supply them with tools and expertise. (2-3 hours monthly)

New Participant Interviewer

When kids and adults first come to us with interest in joining, we need to get to know them to best connect them in their mentor match with a person who is the ideal fit. These Coaches conduct meetings with potential mentee and parent/guardian, as well as meetings with mentors who are completing their application & matching process. (2-3 hours monthly)

Church or Business Liaison

One way to help our organization grow is to connect us with your church or company. As we develop Liaisons we gain the opportunity to share our needs and opportunities with more people as well as benefit from a better understanding of your organization, its needs, and most effective way to present our messages. Liaisons can significantly help us recruit, train, prepare, and support mentors in their world. (2-3 hours monthly)

Office & Special Project Helpers


Being a small non-profit organization, we have a great need to use help from people who would like to give us a couple hours a week in our office or to help with special projects throughout the year. We simply like to use your interests and skills to plug into areas that you feel best suited to help with.
(you determine the hours you can volunteer)

Newsletter Reporter & Social Media Ambassador

IYM works hard to get our message and success stories out to the public. If you like to write, you can be of great help. We create Newsletters every other month and need “reporters” to complete stories. We also try to use our Facebook and other social media to draw attention. You can help us post interesting notes and inspiring stories for our followers to read daily through these avenues. (1-4 hours monthly).

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