Become a Mentor

Do you believe that YOU can change the world? We at IYM know that mentors can…one kid at a time! We are looking for adults who would like to spend just a few hours a month with a young person who is in need of a positive adult role model. Twice a month mentors get together with their youth to participate in fun and simple activities. So, whether it’s going for a walk, watching a sporting event, baking some cookies, fishing in the river, building a puzzle, or whatever – you will be pouring your life into the youth you’ve been matched with by simply being present in their world. You will become their friend and then their view of life will begin to positively change. Sign up to become a mentor

What is a mentor?

/ˈmenˌtôr/ – a trusted counselor or guide.

Notice it doesn’t say “guru” or “perfect person”.  The key word in the definition of a mentor is “trust”.  IYM Mentors are simply adults who care enough to involve themselves in the life of a young person to bring encouragement and hope. The more time you are with your mentee, the more that trust is built.  As your mentee values you being authentic, your opinions gain respect.  As this happens the opportunity to counsel and guide comes naturally in your everyday conversation.

What does a mentor do?

Be yourself, be real, have fun.  Take your mentee to do all kinds of things – even stuff that you might think isn’t that exciting – like running errands.  Remember, it is about the time spent together, not how much money is spent or how big of an event it is.  Mentors love doing things they enjoy, with their mentee.  Matches are made with kids who have similar interests to make it easy to start and grow your mentor match partnership.

Is it really helpful to the kid?

Mentor Process

Yes.  The stories and studies to support this are mind-blowing.  Statistics will say that kids are nearly twice as likely to stay in school and keep away from drugs – simply by having a caring adult mentor in their life for 4 hours a month.  That doesn’t seem like a lot, but kids in our program are proof of this impact.  Story after story of life change or empowerment to make good choices confidently inspire our mentors to continue shaping the life of their mentee.