Youth Participants

Each young person is going to have a LOT OF FUN with their new adult friend through this exciting mentoring experience! Each mentor match participates in one-on-one and/or group activities twice a month with their mentor – enjoying the opportunity to share or try out new experiences – whether it’s hiking, biking, karate, baking, crafting, attending sporting events, going out for a burger, rock climbing, golfing, Bar-B-Que, the possibilities are limited only to their imagination! Due to IYM’s partnerships with organizations throughout the community we are able to provide many fun group and mentor match opportunities. We also encourage the child to share their ideas with their mentor while keeping an open mind to new ideas as well!

Mentee ProcessWe work with youth 8-16 years old. We meet with each child one-on-one to get to know them, their interests, personality and what they may expect from a mentor. We also meet one-on-one with the parent/guardian to better understand the child and any specific needs they may have – whether it is social, academic, relational, etc. – to get a complete picture. This helps us find the best mentor match for each child. The youth is required to commit to the mentoring relationship for a minimum of one year. This helps develop trust and friendship, leading to positive growth in the young person’s life.

Referral of kids comes from various sources including: school counselors, teachers, parents/guardians, (or other relatives) family & youth service agencies, social workers, churches, among others.