Who We Are


Shaping our community as we empower young people to find hope and safety through adult mentors who will help them form strong values, develop social and job-related skills, and discover God’s purpose for their lives.


Changing the World…One Kid at a Time

Kids need connection to adults. We know that mentors reconnect young people with those from older generations. Bringing hope and direction from life experiences. We also recognize that mentees learn about all aspects of life through their mentor’s example and shared experiences – helping them form values that will last for their lifetime and lead to positive choices.

What do we accomplish?

Studies show that mentors inspire mentees to stay in school and perform better in their work, help kids avoid risky and destructive behavior, encourage them to have greater confidence in themselves and their abilities, and much more.

One of our key tools in training and program measurability is The 40 Developmental Assets, created by The Search Institute. This instrument helps us determine the return on investment of our mentors and overall impact that our program is making in the lives of youth in our community. The greater presence of a positive adult role model in child’s life leads to more assets that he or she will possess, leading to a more successful future.

Whom do we serve?

IYM works with youth from our region, aged 8-18, who are in need of a positive adult role model, matching them with an adult of the same gender. Referral of kids come from various sources including school counselors, parents, teachers, family & youth agencies, social workers, and churches, among others.

What does IYM do?

Our unique one-to-one mentoring from an adult to a child is proven to make lifelong positive impact upon youth. Being a faith-based organization allows us the opportunity to work with the faith community and draw out caring and positive people to pour into the life of one young person. We carefully screen and match adults with kids and provide ongoing support to all participants in our program with a goal of building hope, life-skills, and a brighter future into each young person served.

How you can help!

Everyone can be a part of helping IYM making a difference in the lives of kids. Consider making a donation, become a mentor, advocate for mentors in the community, or even send a child to enroll with us. Any way you can bring hope and help to kids in need!

How it works

Mentors provide support and encouragement, serve as positive role models, and help their mentees recognize their own potential and set positive goals.