Kids are Hurting

Our world has changed over the years. Today, many kids simply have few or no positive adults present in their lives to encourage them, inspire them, and help them make good choices. Ignite Youth Mentoring wants to bring hope of a better future and help to navigate the challenges of growing up through caring adult role models!

IYM Wants to Change the World

To bring hope of a better future, IYM has built a strong program that recruits fun and positive adults, placing them with kids who need helpful and encouraging role models, in a one-to-one mentoring friendship. Mentors meet with their “mentees” twice a month, walking through life together, growing through both ups and downs. They enjoy activities of their choice, on their own schedule, and have fun experiencing new adventures and opportunities to show kids a new world.

IYM’s Purpose is “To empower young people to find hope and safety through adult mentors who will help them form strong values, develop social and job-related skills, and discover God’s purpose for their lives.”

Goals & Objectives

Statement of Belief

 The 40 Developmental Assets

To best equip our mentors we use a tool that helps us examine the needs of each child. “The 40 Developmental Assets” is a resource that was developed by the Search Institute. Each child needs as many of these 40 life assets as possible to become a sound and successful adult. Of our nations children, nearly 6 out of 10 have less than 20 of these, and only 8% have more than 30*. These assets cover both internal and external, and span eight different areas, including: support, empowerment, boundaries and expectations, constructive use of time, commitment to learning, positive values, social competencies, and positive identity.

40 Assets Checklist for Parents